about thinh phat vina nhan vien

Thinh Phat Vi Na., Ltd was established in 2003, we are a company specializing in importing, distributeing and supplying raw materials for chemical ink, paint and plastic.

Over path construction and development, Thinh Phat Vi Na has established solid relationships with suppliers of raw materials leading the world. Client of Thinh Phat Vi Na is much larger production companies and domestic companies have invested abroad. Currently, our company has become one of the leading suppliers of raw materials for manufacturing printing inks, paints, plastics... in Vietnam.

With abundant resources materials and stable goods are imported from many countries in the world: U.S., Mexico, India, Korea, China..., woth the dynamic and enthusiastic staff, Thinh Phat Vi Na always consultancy support queries of customers. So that, Thinh Phat Vi Na gained the trust and support of suppliers as well as domestic and foreign customers.

To meet the needs of customers complete and professional, we built warehouse, stock materials and always learn information about the market to diversity the sources of the company products The supply of chemical raw materials has become one of the important business of our company.

Our products range:

  • - Organic pigments
  • - Inorganic pigments
  • - Flu. pigments
  • - Solvent dyes
  • - Resin
  • - Additives
  • - Industrial Machine
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